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Thanks to wide-ranging and complementary expertise, DELTA COMPOSANTS transforms wires and metal strips.

  • We manufacture 300 million specialised pieces and drill 500 million holes per month checked through SPC or at 100%.
  • We use 300 machines, most of which are designed by our research and development department;

to cut and form wires and strips,
to stamp laminated strips,
to micro drill panels.

  • in two sites, in France and in Romania.


For almost 50 years, a stable shareholding, mobilised teams, innovative know-how, as well as a stock of well-suited and sizeable machines, have enabled DELTA COMPOSANTS, a subsidiary company of D.I.C. a family group, to face its future.

Our desire to grow manifests itself, among other things, through targeted and steady investments, allowing a flexible, reactive and competitive policy.


Other indicators:

  • The company has a staff of 110.
  • The turnover in 2012 was 12 millions Euros among which over 50% was shipped abroad.
  • We have been ISO 9001 certified since 1993 by AFAQ.


We invite you to share your future with us, to submit your problems, to allow us to help you finely tune your goods, to entrust us in making and assembling them, to make functions thanks to the combination of our expertise. We want to be your partner.

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