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Evolution and strategy


In 1988, Delta Composants originated on the ashes of CFSE Atlantique from the exceptional conjunction of employees motivated by the preservation of their work instrument and a team of young industrialists from Sarthe.


The company consolidated and developed its primary know-how in the production of small metal parts by applying various techniques of bucklings or of assembly of wires.


In the late 80s, Delta Composants developed and perfected the technology of cylindrical melf diodes which quickly imposed themselves as a global standard.

Our slogan was "Wires in good shape".


The 90s were marked with strong capacity investments, raising the machine park to over 250 and with numerous original processes in order to work metal wires.

Big investments were dedicated to ensure quality and to the management of the company, notably through powerful computing tools (Computer Aided Production, CAD, surveys, Vision Control, Intranet…)


This quest for excellence has been rewarded by numerous international awards and since 1992 the obtaining of ISO 9000 certification.

Production sales abroad reached 80 % within 21countries.


By the late 90s, conscious of the vulnerability which represented the very important part of the electronic market in its turnover, Delta Composants successfully explored the automotive market developing connections for all sorts of applications. Within 5 years, Delta Composants became the European unrivalled leader for security technologic connexions.

Furthermore, Delta Composants penetrated the electro-mechanic sector offering a wide range of parts designed for mechanical engineering produced without stock removal.


Since the 2000s, Delta Composants has been investing in peripheral or complementary technologies allowing packages or new services.

Thus the acquisition of a stamping shop ensures the consolidation its place as a specialist on the market of glass to metal seal.

A moulding shop makes the expansion of offers from connexion functions up to the assembly possible.

A precision drilling shop (a technique originally dedicated to printed circuits) thanks to an important research effort as well as great creativity enables to deliver high technology innovating solutions to aeronautics industries and to offer original services to de luxe industries.


The year 2004 saw the industrial tool go beyond 350 machines on 8500 m² for 150 members of staff, and the obtaining of ISO TS 16 949 certification.


In parallel, an answer to new challenges was found in 2001 with the opening a Romanian subsidiary Delta Rom Technologies. From then on, this company has taken care of the fabrications for which the French production costs exceed the world market prices and to follow the industrial migration towards the Eastern countries.


Therefore Delta Composants is entering the second half of the decade after a successful mutation, moving from highly competed productions on the electronic world market to innovating productions with a high added value on diversified markets. It is doing so with a sound financial structure integrated within the DIC group, its main shareholder.


Our slogan today:"shaping up innovation".

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